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Review 2016 and Objectives 2017

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Newsletter 2016

The Year 2016

The new year is already knocking on the door and “Lotus for Laos” looks back on an eventful 2016. We have achieved a great deal, but we have learned even more. We are grateful for the generous support and trust we have received. In the following newsletter you will find the most important successes as well as insightful processes we went through. Then we will share our goals and expectations for the coming year. We thank you for your interest!

„Scholarships for a better future“ – our first graduates

„Lotus for Laos“ is incredibly proud to announce that the first three students have left the program “Scholarhips for a better future” and successfully graduated from the university in Luang Prabang this summer. Bin, Pon and Seewat were among the first 15 students, we started to support in 2014.

We wish Bin as a financial expert, Bon as a technician and Seewat as a primary teacher all the best on their way and are very curious to hear from them after some time. We thank all the sponsors, who have made this possible. Fingers crossed for all other students who are still at university!

At the general assembly on the 8th of January 2016 we set some ambitious goals, from which we have exceeded the majority. A long-term support for our program was our most important goal and we are delighted to have found two additional foundations that will stand by our side for the next three years. This has allowed us to increase the number of scholarships by 15. Additionally, five generous private individuals have committed themselves to sponsor students over the course of their studies. Since September we have been able to finance a total of 36 students through full-time scholarships.

Personal changes

2016 was indeed a year marked by many personal changes. Stephanie Schoss gave birth to a beautiful baby boy Leo in February 2015. Since she also very involved in multiple companies, she decided to leave the board at the beginning of the year. We are sad to see her go, but fully support her decision and are still in close contact with her. She is always by our side with her advice. Evelyne Spaargaren is already mother of a very cute three year old girl and an adorable one year old boy. She is the backbone of “Lotus for Laos” and without her, we would have never come this far. Lara Twerenbold and Franzisca Gartenmann have successfully graduated high school this summer. Both are now in their gap year, working to finance their travels to Asia and South America. We would also like to congratulate our project manager Andrew Brown and his wife LA, who are parents to their second child Jason.

Objectives 2017

Our intention is to continue to give as many Laotian orphans the opportunity to get a university degree and thus a life above the poverty line. Nevertheless, we have realized that we need to intensify our communication with the outside world, especially with our donors. The unbelievable trust that is given to us deserves more than just one newsletter per year. Together with Andrew Brown, we will find a solution at the beginning of the year. We also want to be more active and transparent on our website. We will continue to work hard on our professionalism and try to improve constantly.

Let our New Year’s resolution be this:

“We will be there for one another as fellow members of humanity, in the finest sense of the word.

– Goran Persson

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