Our Purpose

Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

We are passionate about being at service by empowering young Laotians to a self-determined life. We believe in a world where young Laotians are in charge of their own economic future and will, therefore, contribute to the development of their country. We take pride in our students who work really hard to break the cycle of poverty all by taking their future into their own hands.  Our role is simply one of the enablers, but as soon as they graduate they are able to charter their own course. We are convinced that education is one of the most powerful tools to achieve sustainable change. Presenting young Laotians with the opportunity to get a university degree enables them to change the path their life will take. 


Our Values


“I do not believe in aid. I believe in empowerment and giving the people dignity and the ability to found their own economic future.” – Ritu Khanna.

Helping people can enable them to a quick start, but in the end they have the responsibility to make a change through their own behaviour.


“My biggest learning was to respect the culture of the country you are in. Crossing cultural boundaries does not get you anywhere.” – Andrew Brown.

While one can also have respect for an enemy, “Esteem” is a performance-independent term and describes a positive attitude towards the counterpart.

Do No Harm

A sad example for this is the creation of dependency on the given aid, through which the situation deteriorates over time. It is necessary to create awareness and critically think about possible consequences.


The key is involving the target group in order for them to contribute to the development of the project. Who knows the needs better than the people affected by them?


Facts about Laos

About 6.49 million


<1 year: 6.8%

Child mortality

Women 68, men 61

Life Expectancy

16,85b USD (2017)



Meet the Team


Janos Benz

My name is János and I came to St. Gallen to study Economics. I am very interested in international politics, traveling and discovering. The way Lotus for Laos combines my conviction of education and interest in foreign cultures makes it a unique project for me.

Thank You

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