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Scholarships for a better Future

After graduating from high school, these young adults from the orphanages are no longer eligible for governmental support provided within the walls of the orphanage. As most of them lack the funds to continue their academic career, this leaves them with only limited options. Usually, they try to find a job in tourism or return to their home village and inevitably fall into a life under the poverty line. This is where Lotus for Laos comes in.

Our project “scholarships for a better future” is dedicated to enabling as many orphans as possible to attend the local universities. The program was initiated in 2014 and currently supports 130 students in Luang Prabang, Laos. So far our organization is directly involved in financing students coming out of 3 orphanages that we partner with, however, this is just the beginning! We work closely together with our local project manager Andrew Brown, who directly is in charge of the orphanages and whose organization “Support Lao Children” has been providing important support to mothers and children within the area for more than a decade.

The cost of supporting one student for one year amounts to 670 USD and covers university fees, accommodation costs, and one warm meal a day. The two former costs are paid directly, whereas Andrew hands out the latter pocket money in person every second month, ensuring a personal contact with the students.

How We Work

What happens in Europe

Our team sets out to fundraising events, pitch sessions, keynotes and many other platforms to raise awareness about our mission. Over the last eight years, we have both cultivated a strong network of partners as much as a value-based approach to charity which allows us to continuously scale our impact.

The money raised is transferred to Andrew, our local project manager who founded "Support Laos Children" that supports numerous local projects. Andrew is then in charge of the appropriate distribution of funds to the scholarship holders. 

What happens in Laos

Andrew frequently visits the three orphanages in and around Luang Prabang where he educates the children about to graduate from high school on the scholarship program. He selects the ones who not only show the most potential, but who find themselves in the most vulnerable and desperate circumstances. 

When the scholarship has been awarded, the students take up the studies of their choice. Andrew pays the university and accommodation directly while handing out the rest of the allowance every second month in person. That way, he continues to ensure they are enrolled and within the program. 

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